How about the costs?
It depends on the tattoo, though the minimum price is €80. We don’t charge a strict hourly rate, all costs depend on the design, size, etc. 

How about the design?
We always try to provide our clients personalised, custom tattoos, therefore you won’t find a range of tattoo flash designs in the studio. Everyone is unique, we’re here to help you find your style, designed just for you.

How about the cover ups and corrections?
We do cover ups, but please note that not all tattoos can be properly covered, and in some cases a few sessions of laser removal is recommended before the cover-up.

How about the consultation?
You can reach out to us over phone, email, private message or in person in our shop. Please always provide us the following details about the tattoo:

  • any ideas/sketches/designs,
  • size/dimensions,
  • coloured or black/grey,
  • and the body part you want to have tattooed.

How to get an appointment?
After consultation you can book an appointment through one of our channels. For larger pieces we require a €50 deposit, which comes off your final price of the tattoo.

How about a piercing?
We don’t offer body piercings at this time.

How about the aftercare?
Please pay extra attention to hygiene during the healing process, and always wash your hands before changing bandage, and washing your tattoo. On the very first day, when you get your tattoo done, change the bandage bandage every 3 hours. Rinse the tattoo with lukewarm water and mild antiseptic soap if available. Dry the tattoo gently, and apply fragrance-free lotion or Bepanthen cream evenly. When you’re done, use cling film to cover your tattoo.
In the following 3-4 days, repeat this process for three times a day.

In the first 2 weeks avoid soaking your tattoo in any pools, baths, jacuzzis, lakes and ocean water, stay away from direct sunlight and tanning booths, and try to avoid any circumstances which may lead to infection, for example intensive exercise/going to the gym, or when pets are around.
Don’t rub the healing skin and avoid any physical irritation on the treated area through the healing process, because that may lead to loss of colour or infection.

If you have any questions regarding how your tattoo is healing, please contact us.