Tattoos are forever. Or maybe… not?

You may have heard a thousand times already: tattoos last forever, so you should choose carefully. But, no one is talking about the fact that tattoos are changing over time.

I’ve realized – way before I started my business, Dublin Tattoo Art – that people are often not aware that tattoos are changing, fading over years. If you’re planning to get a tattoo, you should be aware of this, and be prepared for it. 

I know, it could be a bit disappointing, but just think about that our body is constantly changing, our cells are regenerating, so why would the pigments of tattoo ink under your skin remain the same?

You can do your best to keep the tattoo in the best condition as long as possible, for example with proper aftercare or just protecting it from the sun. Or you choose wisely, and get a tattoo on a body part where you can avoid frequent friction, and when it comes to designs, you rather go with larger pieces of black and grey tattoo, instead of choosing a small piece with bright colours. I know, watercolour technique is very popular nowadays, but believe me – those tend to fade quickly. 

What your tattoo artist can do for you, is to work with quality inks, to give advice and ensure precision, that your tattoo is placed to the right layer of your skin.

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